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Tom Lewis at The White Room Gallery

I first became aware of the work of Tom Lewis when it was featured on the on the BBC show “The Junior Apprentice” in June 2010. According to Tom his paintings were inspired by a very strange experience on a train, which sparked the series of events and led to the creation of a mythological 18th century French philosopher, the forging of a sword and the images that you see below.

Tom Lewis - Megan and the Garden of Edo

"Megan and the Garden of Edo"

Tom has a very distinctive style that draws on a variety of genres, producing eye catching work that is both accessible and increasingly collectable. He works with a number of techniques and processes, including painting, drawing, graffiti, stencils, photography and digital manipulation.

Tom Lewis - The Legend of Mimizuku Mountain and The Legend of Tamashee Canyon

"The Legend of Mimizuku Mountain" and "The Legend of Tamashee Canyon"

My favorite works are from the “Legend Series” which are based on a fusion of Japanese and Korean culture. Tom Lewis has developed the Geisha Girl series where he has found inspiration in the spiritual tree of enlightenment, landscape and traditions of the orient to develop mystical characters deep in the heart of his imagination.

Tom Lewis - Henry and the last Feathers of Reason and Piper vs The Oracle

"Henry and the last Feathers of Reason" and "Piper vs The Oracle"

In December 2010 I visited an exhibition of Tom’s work at The White Room Gallery in Leamington Spa. There were over 10 of Tom’s framed prints of display and many more unframed prints in a portfolio. However, for me the real highlight of the exhibition was seeing an original painting.

Being approximately 4 times the size of the prints it made a huge statement, and would look perfect on my living room wall. Unfortunately it was not for sale and belonged to gallery owner. However, it did confirm to me that I should start saving up to buy an original Tom Lewis painting when the next character series is released in 2011.

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