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RAUH-Welt Natty Dread

I should probably start this post by stating that I am not a huge fan of the “Max Power” style of modified cars where someone has spent £20K modifying a Citroen Saxo or Renault Clio. However, while browsing the SpeedHunters website I came across what I consider not only to be the best modified car I have ever seen, but the best looking Porsche full stop.

RAUH-Welt is a specialist Porsche body shop owned by Nakai-san and which is based in the Chiba prefecture of Japan. The signature details of the cars created by Nakai-san and his small team are extreme body kits, matt black paint and SSR SP1 wheels custom painted with a satin bronze finish. The phrase “racecar for the road” has never been more appropriate.

The 993 model which is featured in this post is a customer car called “Natty Dread”, the model of Porsche that is for me is the best looking 911 to date, although the current 997 model comes a close second. Nakai-san’s personal car, a 930 model is called “Stella Artois” after his favorite beer, of which there is always a well stocked fridge in his workshop.

For more details on RAUH-Welt and the Natty Dread please see the full article on the SpeedHunters website. If I win the lottery this weekend, I’m buying a 997 Turbo and having it shipped out to Japan for Nakai-san to work his magic on it.

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